Volume 5 Number 2 2001


Issue Editors: Jorma Toivainen & Kirsti Toivainen

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Jorma Toivainen
Scenes of the child and morphemes of the language

Sari Kunnari, Satsuki Nakai, Marilyn M. Vihman
Cross-linguistic evidence for acquisition of geminate

Ari Parikka
Expressing possession: Similarities in the use of genitive in early child English and Finnish

Ulla Veres
A contrastive study of three different Swedish language corpora approximated as input for children's acquisition of past tense

Victoria Kazakovskaya
Initial syntax development: Ontogenesis of spatial syntax structures (based on the language of Russian-speaking children)

Sophie Gonnand
Development of content recall in different narrative texts

Klaus Laalo
Diminutives in Finnish child-directed and child speech: Morphopragmatic and morphophonemic aspects

Karl Pajusalu
Baby talk as a sophisticated register: A phonological analysis of South Estonian