Volume 2 Number 2 1998


Issue Editor: Nicoletta Caramelli

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Grace Wales Shugar
Entry into narration: uses of operations of reference

Ragnhild Söderbergh
Narrative structure in drawings illustrating story texts by a five-and-a-half year old fluent reader

Åsa Nordqvist
Projecting speech to protagonists in oral and written narratives: a developmental study

Nicoletta Caramelli, Anna M. Borghi, and Carla Tison
The textual pre-conditions for action narration in children's story construction

Emma Baumgartner, Elena Biagini, and Antonella Devescovi
Psychological language recursiveness in children's narratives

Barbara Bokus
Action and its representation in the minds of story characters

Short Communications

Maria Ligêza
Landscape of action and landscape of consciousness in children's spontaneous narratives

Marta Bia³ecka-Pikul
Children's understanding of motives of peoples' behavior. Reception of fairy tales and realistic stories among preschoolers