Volume 18   Number 3   2014


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus
Special Issue Title: Children’s Language and Communicative Knowledge, Part Two. In Childhood and Beyond


Grażyna Kmita, Eliza Kiepura, Anna Majos
Paternal Involvement and Attention Sharing in Interactions of Premature and Full-Term Infants with Fathers: A Brief Report

Jean Berko Gleason
Parent-Child Interaction and Lexical Acquisition in Two Domains: Color Words and Animal Names

Hristo Kyuchukov
Acquisition of Romani in a Bilingual Context

Marie Van Reybroeck, Marie-Anne Schelstraete, Michel Hupet, Arnaud Szmalec
Switching Between Noun and Verb Agreement Rules Comes at a Cost: Cross-Sectional and Interventional Studies in a Developmental Sample

Jan E. Okuniewski
Age and Gender Effects on Motivation and Attitudes in German Learning: The Polish Context

Anna Cierpka
Narrative Identity of Adolescents and Family Functioning