Volume 17   Number 3   2013


Issue Editor: Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi


Dacian Dorin Dolean
The Relationship Between Pitch Discrimination and Romanian Students' Spelling Performance

Mitchell Rabinowitz, Maria Acevedo, Sara Casen, Myriah Rosengarten, Martha Kowalczyk, Lindsay Blau Portnoy
Distinguishing Facts from Beliefs: Fuzzy Categories

Agnieszka Dębska, Krystyna Komorowska
Limitations in Reasoning about False Beliefs in Adults: The Effect of Priming or the Curse of Knowledge?

Francisco J. Rodríguez Muñoz
Pilot Assessment of Nonverbal Pragmatic Ability in People with Asperger Syndrome

Takeshi Kishimoto
Do Referential Problem Spaces Affect the Frequency of Imperative Pointing by Infants?

Natalia Banasik
Non-Literal Speech Comprehension in Preschool Children - An Example from a Study on Verbal Irony