Volume 17   Number 1   2013


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus


Zehra F. Peynircioğlu, James D. March, Aimáe M. Surprenant, Ian Neath
Contrast and Congruence Effects in Affective Priming of Words and Melodies

Anna Klecha
Language and Task Switching in Polish-English Bilinguals

Amin Karimnia, Mahsa Mahjubi
Individual Differences and Quality of Translation: A Personality-Based Perspective

Kenji Yokotani
Avoidant Addresses in Japanese Families Reflect Family Conflicts

Monika Obrębska
Grammatical and Semantic Acceptability of Utterance Texts of Patients Diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. A Research Report

Łukasz Okruszek, Aleksandra Rutkowska, Joanna Wilińska
Clustering and Switching Strategies During the Semantic Fluency Task in Men with Frontal Lobe Lesions and in Men with Schizophrenia