Volume 16 Number 1 2012


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus


Elżbieta Łukasiewicz
Perception, processing and storage of subphonemic and extralinguistic features in spoken word recognition - An argument from language variation and change

Hanna Okuniewska, Agnieszka Maryniak
The effects of age on Stroop interference in clinical vs. healthy groups of children

Mirjana Radetić-Paić, Maja Ružić-Baf
Use of ICT and inappropriate effects of computer use - future perspectives of preschool and primary school teachers

Nana Berekashvili
The role of gender-biased perceptions in teacher-student interaction

Jan E. Okuniewski
Polish secondary school students learning German: Motivation, orientations and attitudes

Orly Kayam, Yair Galily
Freedom of speech? Israeli Supreme Court ruling 606/93 - Kidum Initiative Inc. versus The Israel Broadcasting Authority. A rhetorical language analysis