Volume 15 Number 2 2011


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus

Melissa Bowerman - Obituary

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Rusudan Gogokhia, Natela Imedadze
A study of foreign language learning styles used by Georgian students

Jarkko Hautala, Jukka Hyönä, Mikko Aro, Heikki Lyytinen
Sublexical effects on eye movements during repeated reading of words and pseudowords in Finnish

Juliana Stoyanova
Precursors of coordinate constructions: Polish-Bulgarian parallels

Agnieszka Turska-Kawa
The (dis)alienating function of the media. The role of mass media in building a civil society

Short Communications

Tomasz Wo¼niak
Book review: Barbara Bokus (Ed.), Studies in the Psychology of Language and Communication. In Honor of Ida Kurcz