Volume 14 Number 2 2010


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Maciej Haman
Internally-driven change and feature correspondence in object representation: A key to children’s essentialism?

Nawoja Mikołajczak-Matyja
The superordination relation and the symmetry of verbal associations in selected parts of the mental lexicon

Silvia Riva, Alessandro Antonietti
The application of the ICF CY model in specific learning difficulties: A case study

Roma Wieczorek
Using MLU to study early language development in English

Short Communications

Elżbieta Okuniewska, Hanna Okuniewska, Jan E. Okuniewski
Motivation and attitudes of Polish students learning Hebrew

Cynthia Whissell
Leading with words? Emotion and style in the language of U.S. President Clinton’s public communications