Volume 13 Number 2 2009


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Shaohua Yu, Lili Wei, Wei He, Hao Chai, Dengfeng Wang, Wei Chen, Wei Wang
Description of personality traits by Chinese adjectives: A trial on university students

Hristo Kyuchukov, Jill de Villiers
Theory of Mind and evidentiality in Romani-Bulgarian bilingual children

Solomiya Buk
Lexical base as a compressed language model of the world (on material from the Ukrainian language)

Wiktor Paciorek, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi
The influence of sentential context and frequency of occurrence on the recognition of words with scrambled letters

Short Communications

Konrad Janowski, Małgorzata Tatala
A syntactic account of comprehension deficits in Broca’s aphasia

Shahram Salehi Zadeh, Amin Karimnia
Book review: Andrew D. Cohen, Ernesto Macaro (Eds.), Language learner strategies: 30 years of research and practice