Volume 1 Number 2 1997


Issue Editor: Maciej Haman

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Nick Braisby and Bradley Franks
What does word use tell us about conceptual content?

Susan A. Gelman
Developing a doctrine of natural kinds

Szilvia Birˇ, Gergely Csibra, Orsolya Koˇs, and Gy÷rgy Gergely
Understanding rational action in infancy

Alison Gopnik
Names, categories and theories

Eve Kikas
The impact of teaching on students' explanations of astronomical phenomena

Katarzyna Stemplewska-»akowicz
Personal experience and social message: "second-hand" knowledge in cognitive development

Tiia Tulviste
Semantic awareness of the word: some theoretical and methodological issues

Maciej Haman
Domain specificity and cross-domain transfer

Maciej Haman
Concepts in the potboiler - the final debate