Volume 1 Number 1 1997


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus

Editorial introduction (in the print version)


Grace Wales Shugar
The child's entry into the social universe of discourse

Jerzy Bobryk
Types of mental representation

Maria Przetacznik-Gierowska and Jan Łuczyński
Representation of the economic world in Polish preschool children

Maria Ligęza
Structural and functional analyses of children's narrative texts

Barbara Bokus
Referential space in story-telling: Findings on children's narrative discourse

Jolanta Rytel
Logical patterns and negation in preschoolers' discourse

Ewa Haman
Can nouns and verbs grow up? Case study of word-formation rules for denominal verbs
and deverbal nouns

Dorota Kiebzak-Mandera
The use of aspectual forms by a two-year-old Russian child